As the weather gets hotter, the sensation of being drenched in sweat can make you feel tense and uneasy. Stifling and non-breathable underwear can cause discomfort as sweat and moisture accumulate around it, leaving you unable to cool down. The heat and itchiness around your groin can become unbearable.

For women, this is especially painful, particularly in intimate areas, potentially leading to inflammation. These issues make it hard to concentrate on work and enjoy life.

CozyBreezy has taken into account comfort, breathability, antibacterial properties, and shaping design to create a high-waisted, tummy control, and hip-lifting ice silk triple-effect panty specifically for women.

This summer, bid farewell to heat and discomfort. Feel the silky coolness of ice silk and the perfect combination of high-waist tummy control design from the inside out.

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Why Strongly Recommend Ice Silk Panties

  • Ultra-Thin Ice Silk Fabric: Absorbs sweat and wicks moisture away, keeping you light and fresh.
  • Antibacterial Silk Crotch: Effectively controls odors and maintains long-term cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Seamless Design: Offers unrestricted comfort and freedom without any constraints.
  • High-Waist Shaping: Enhances and sculpts the abdomen and hips, creating a perfect silhouette.
  • Plant Fiber Dyes: Skin-friendly and harmless, ensuring safe and gentle wear.
  • Versatile Comfort: Suitable for all occasions, keeping you at your best at all times.
  • High-Quality Craftsmanship: Durable and long-lasting, maintaining its new appearance even after extended use.

Beyond Ordinary: Superior Ice Silk Fabric

While there are many ice silk fabrics available, ours stands out in terms of lightness and breathability. According to tests by authoritative institutions, our ice silk fabric is 30% lighter and 50% more breathable than regular ice silk fabrics.

  • Featherlight Feel: Our ice silk fabric is only 0.5 mm, thinner than a sheet of paper, making it almost imperceptible to wear. Whether you’re in tight clothing or athletic gear, you’ll experience no restriction, achieving a truly weightless wearing experience.
  • Quick-Drying and Breathable: The ice silk fabric excels in breathability and moisture-wicking, keeping your skin dry. Tests show that our ice silk fabric can dry completely within just 5 minutes, twice as fast as ordinary fabrics, ensuring you stay fresh at all times.
  • Unique Technology: Using a unique weaving process, our ice silk fabric remains durable and resilient despite its lightness. Even after repeated washing and wearing, it maintains its original coolness and comfort, making every wear feel as good as the first.
  • Temperature Regulation: Our ice silk fabric not only feels light but also has excellent temperature regulation properties. In high temperatures, it helps dissipate sweat and heat to regulate your body temperature, ensuring you always feel cool.

Exceptional High-Waist Tummy Control Design

Ordinary underwear designs often fail to meet the demands for a well-defined body shape. Our ice silk underwear not only offers an unparalleled cooling experience but also achieves breakthroughs in high-waist tummy control design, helping you effortlessly attain the perfect silhouette.

  • Effective Tummy Control: The ice silk underwear features a unique X-shaped tummy control band, specifically designed to sculpt an attractive waist. This X-shaped band, located at the front of the panties, uses elastic materials and ergonomic principles to provide comprehensive waist and abdominal support for a slimmer figure.
  • Comprehensive Support: The X-shaped tummy control band offers 360-degree abdominal support. Data shows that after wearing our ice silk underwear, the waist circumference reduces by an average of 2-3 centimeters. Whether for everyday wear or special occasions, it smooths and tightens your abdominal lines.
  • Improved Body Proportions: The high-waist design not only effectively controls the tummy but also shapes the waistline, enhancing overall body proportions. Additionally, the high-waist design provides extra support to the waist, reducing fatigue caused by prolonged sitting or physical activities.
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Unique Hip-Lifting Design

Our ice silk underwear places a strong emphasis on enhancing the hip area. Through meticulously designed structure and materials, we provide optimal support and shaping for your hips. Whether in daily life or during exercise, our underwear effectively improves the contour of your hips.

  • Unique Tailoring: Using 3D tailoring and double-layer materials, our underwear offers targeted support for the hips. Test results show that after wearing our ice silk underwear, hip lines improve by an average of 15%, making the hips appear fuller and rounder.

Care for Intimate Health

Our ice silk underwear features premium natural silk in the crotch area, combined with advanced antibacterial technology, providing both skin-friendly breathability and outstanding antibacterial effects.

  • Efficient Breathability: The silk fabric in the crotch area offers excellent breathability and moisture absorption, ensuring rapid absorption and evaporation of sweat, keeping your intimate area dry. Experiments have shown that the moisture absorption rate of silk fabric in the crotch area is 30% higher than that of traditional cotton fabric, guaranteeing a comfortable wearing experience.
  • Effective Antibacterial Properties: Tests have shown that after wearing our ice silk underwear for 8 hours, the bacterial count in the intimate area decreases by over 70%, effectively preventing bacterial infections and odor formation.
  • Long-lasting Antibacterial Effects: To further enhance the antibacterial effects of the silk crotch area, we utilize advanced antibacterial treatment technology by adding antibacterial ingredients to the silk fibers, ensuring long-lasting antibacterial protection. After wearing continuously for a month, 90% of users reported that their intimate area remained dry and comfortable, with a significant improvement in skin health, reducing the occurrence of itching and inflammation issues.

How to Order CozyBreezy Ice Silk Underwear?

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Our underwear features a unique 3D butt lifting technology, combined with a special ergonomic design and double-layer fabric. This provides targeted support to different areas of the buttocks. Data shows that after the first wear, buttock contour is lifted by 10-15%. After wearing for a month, 85% of users reported firmer and lifted buttocks.

Our antibacterial silk crotch is made from natural silk and treated with advanced antibacterial technology, achieving a bacterial inhibition rate of up to 90%. Tests show that after 8 hours of wear, bacteria in the intimate area decrease by over 70%, effectively preventing bacterial infections and odor buildup with prolonged use.

Yes, ice silk fabric is soft and gentle on the skin, suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Its superior breathability and moisture-wicking properties help reduce skin irritation and discomfort.

No. The high-waisted design, combined with high elasticity fabric, provides stable support while maintaining a comfortable fit. The seamless cutting technology ensures that even with prolonged wear, you’ll feel comfortable and free.

Our antibacterial silk crotch undergoes special treatment to maintain long-lasting antibacterial effectiveness. Even after multiple washes, it retains its high antibacterial performance, ensuring long-term health protection.

Real Feedback

Our antibacterial silk crotch undergoes special treatment to maintain long-lasting antibacterial effectiveness. Even after multiple washes, it retains its high antibacterial performance, ensuring long-term health protection.

Isabella / Facebook

Highly Recommended! These ice silk insides are definitely my summer savior! It feels like being in a cold ice cube and not hot at all. The high waist and hip lift are also very noticeable, giving me more confidence and comfort in wearing them. The antimicrobial silk fabric at the crotch gives me extra security. Definitely a good value!

Evelyn / Google

Very satisfied! The quality and effectiveness of these ice silk panties exceeded my expectations! The ice silk fabric is comfortable and breathable, and the high waist and hip lift are very noticeable, making me feel more confident and comfortable in them.

Amelia / Youtube