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Reveal: A large number of European and American women are using it to shape their bodies and address health issues associated with obesity.

Are bloating and obesity long-standing troubles for you? As your weight gradually increases, you start to dislike your body and slowly abandon your favorite clothes. You stop going out with friends, and when you realize that people’s perception of you has changed, your confidence takes a hit.

What’s worse, obesity not only affects your social life, but it also has a extremely negative impact on your health. Insomnia, increasing mental stress, hormonal imbalances, weakened immune system—these are just a few of the health problems that accompany excess weight and negative emotions.

Have you already spent a fortune on expensive diets or medication plans, gyms, and personal trainers? But it seems like you haven’t achieved any significant results. In addition to, your busy work schedule means you are no able to sustain anything for too long.

The old methods are slow and require more time to reach your goals, which is incredibly frustrating. You sacrifice your favorite foods and struggle on the treadmill… but see no results.

Why do traditional methods only bring temporary effects… (How to deal with it?)

Research by American experts in weight and health management found that a slowed metabolism leading to fat accumulation is the direct cause of health issues such as obesity and bloating.

As you age, metabolism naturally decreases! Fat accumulates in the body, especially around the waist and abdomen (where women’s reproductive organs are located), leading to poor organ function and a slowdown in calorie burning.

What’s worse, bloating, obesity, and toxin accumulation, can cause hormonal imbalances. They are accompanied by insomnia and negative emotions, which, in turn, affect circulation and metabolism, creating a vicious cycle.This vicious cycle appears to be more common in women, with data showing that up to 80% of women with lower circulation and metabolism are more prone to gynecological diseases.

In fact, without addressing this key factor, any diet, exercise plan, or daily activity is bound to fail. Your body needs to be nurtured both physiologically and psychologically to maintain vitality. Otherwise, the whole thing will turn into a painful vicious cycle.

Fortunately, there is a solution that can change everything!

A top research team from the American Association for Women’s Weight and Health Management, in collaboration with lingerie designers, has spent two years developing the Losfat™ Negative Ion Shapewear  with warming effects on the uterus.

When you put it on, you will see a different self.

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Long-term users report further improvements in their body shape and health.
Since the trial launch of Losfat™ last year, we have received positive feedback from thousands of users. Users mentioned in their reports that wearing ION-Slim™ almost immediately resulted in a slimming and shaping effect, making them more confident. And after an average of 2-3 months of wearing, subtle changes in their body condition started to occur.

“I cannot express enough how much I adore this shapewear! I have been wearing it consistently for the past few weeks, and I am amazed at the results. Not only has it effectively reduced the appearance of my stretch marks, but it has also beautifully sculpted my body. Without a doubt, this is the best purchase I have made this year!.” – -Megan Bristow,wearing the antibacterial negative ion shapewear for 3 months

“Unbelievable! Everything changed once I put it on. Colleagues and friends thought I had paid a lot of effort to achieve such perfection. The improvement in my body made me feel happy and confident. After a while, I truly became better.” – Kelly Archie, wearing the antibacterial negative ion shapewear for 2 months

Certified by the American Gynecological Association, this safe, healthy, and antibacterial negative ion technology effectively burns fat and relieves menstrual pain and insomnia. It is designed specifically to care for women.

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Features of Losfat™

How does it work?

//Technology shaping: Antibacterial negative ions burn fat effortlessly, accelerate blood circulation, and promote metabolism.

According to a study in the New York Medical Journal,antibacterial negative ions are a substance that can release negatively charged ions. These ions not only adsorb harmful microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses in the air but also play an important role in improving blood flow and body circulation. They provide the oxygen and nutrients needed for the entire body and metabolic organs to ensure optimal operation.

Antibacterial negative ions also help enhance and improve the body’s digestive function, enabling the body to consume calories more quickly and effectively convert them into useful energy for exercise, thereby further accelerating weight loss.

Losfat™ provides users with a comprehensive massage and stimulation experience. They effectively enhance blood and lymphatic circulation, relieve lymphedema and inflammation, and minimize fluid retention and fat accumulation in the body.

The fabric of Losfat™ is embedded with unique elastic fibers, which have stretch characteristics. They visually create a slim waist and lifted buttocks, making the wearer stand out.

Based on ergonomic features, the designer has specifically increased the concentration of negative ion release in the waist and abdomen region, which can accelerate the burning and consumption of fat in the waist and abdomen. Tests have shown that wearing Losfat™ can generate a heat field of 100,000 to 300,000 units per hour at key acupoints in the waist and abdomen, effectively promoting the burning of waist and abdominal fat and achieving weight loss.

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In addition to the above, Losfat™ also has the following features, which are crucial to its effectiveness guarantee:

Extended high-waisted tummy control design for healthy recovery and posture correction

To slim down, tummy control is necessary. The extended high-waisted design of Losfat™ gently wraps around your waist, hips, and thighs without compressing your internal organs or restricting your skin. It uses super elastic and breathable repair fiber fabric, which effectively improves skin texture, reduces wrinkles, tightens the skin, and burns fat while shaping a slender waist curve. Its three-point mechanical structure lines allow targeted shaping, achieving a lifted buttocks, tightened waist, and fat burning in the thighs.

Seamless invisible comfort with no metal memory cartilage support

Unlike traditional shapewear on the market, Losfat™ utilizes metal-free memory cartilage shaping technology. These memory cartilages adjust their shape automatically based on different body curves, effectively shaping the body’s curves and creating smoother body lines. Memory cartilages can help improve posture, alleviate the burden on the lumbar and cervical vertebrae, prevent back pain, and the moderate pressure.

Cotton crotch for health and safety, natural plant dyes

To protect the health of the intimate area, the crotch of Losfat™ is made of antibacterial graphene cotton. This material not only absorbs moisture and sweat but also inhibits bacterial growth, ensuring women’s health. Unlike other shapewear that uses solid-colored dyes, the antibacterial ion shapewear uses natural pigments extracted from the roots, stems, bark, and leaves of plants as dyes. This natural pigment is non-irritating to the skin, does not fade after washing, and has higher color fastness and durability. It is a three-in-one intimate secret weapon that combines underwear, slimming pants, and safety pants.

Reasons to Choose Losfat™

By wearing Losfat™, you can confidently engage in various sports and daily activities and enjoy the fun of burning fat and losing weight!

With so many amazing benefits, thousands of European and American women are wearing Losfat.
This is the easiest way to reshape your figure, become the center of attention, and regain your confidence.

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The effect is excellent! The elastic material of the shapewear lightly compresses the abdomen and waist, tightening the fat. It provides effective support and lifts the sagging buttocks, shaping them to be firm and perky.

No need to worry, the shapewear uses elastic fibers as the main fabric. It has a silky and skin-friendly texture and keeps the skin cool and comfortable at all times.

If you are still following other weight loss plans, Losfat™ can definitely accelerate your weight loss process! To enhance effectiveness, we recommend controlling your diet, exercising more, and maintaining a positive attitude during the weight loss journey.

It is not necessary to wear Losfat™ every day, as the visual effects are immediate. However, for long-term and better results, we recommend wearing it regularly, such as 3-4 times a week. We strongly advise you to purchase multiple pieces for convenience in changing and washing, increasing the frequency of wearing, and enjoying greater discounts.

It is easy to clean. Hand wash and machine wash are both acceptable. Please use mild soap detergent, water temperature below 40°C, and air dry in a ventilated area.

It is suitable for almost all body types. Losfat™ has shaping and health care effects for users of all body shapes. Just refer to the size chart and make your purchase with confidence.

After confirming the order, we will arrange the shipment within 1-2 working days. We have high quality control standards to ensure customers receive the most satisfactory experience. This latest generation of products usually arrives within 10 days after the order is placed. We recommend placing your order now.

Customers’ Feedback

“Thanks to Losfat™, I finally got rid of my lack of confidence in my body shape. Wearing it, I can visibly feel the improvement in my appearance. What’s even more magical is that after using it for 2 months, I noticed improvements in both my body shape and health going in a positive direction.”

“As someone who has battled with cellulite for years, I found myself struggling with self-confidence and discomfort in my own skin. The appearance of dimpled skin affected my daily life and made me feel insecure. That was until I discovered this shapewear. These shorts have been a game-changer for my cellulite journey. They have not only helped me reduce the appearance of cellulite but have also boosted my self-esteem. Now, I can confidently embrace my body and feel more comfortable in my own skin. These shorts have truly been a blessing in my life!”

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