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Comprehensive upgrade! Compared with other ice silk boxer briefs, this new product is lighter, thinner, more durable, more comfortable and cooler!

If the boxer briefs we wear do not have the function of moisture absorption and perspiration, in hot weather, the private parts will be as hot and wet as a steamer. Not only will the body be very uncomfortable, but it will also greatly increase the possibility of bacterial growth, which will lead to various kind of skin problem.

During the hot season, we all crave a pair of boxer briefs that keep us cool and comfortable. CozyBreezy upgraded men’s ice silk antibacterial boxer briefs, with light and soft texture and excellent breathability, can easily cope with hot weather. Sweat is no longer a concern for us, and the refreshing feeling makes us feel unrestrained.

Why choose CozyBreezy’s new generation of Men’s Ice Silk Antibacterial Boxer Briefs?

??png????-02-02100% super soft ice silk, you will feel like you are bathing in cool spring water after wearing it.

??png????-02-02One-minute quick-drying fiber, a must-have for summer, business travel and outdoor use.

??png????-02-02It has excellent temperature regulation function, long-lasting ice feeling and long-lasting cooling feeling.

??png????-02-02Ultra-thin 0.01cm, visibly soft, addictive comfort.

??png????-02-02Seamless + traceless hot pressing technology, one-piece molding, flexible and not easy to break.

??png????-02-020 feeling and 0 friction, fits like a second layer of skin.

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Light and Refreshing, Breathe Freely

When designing ice silk boxer briefs, we use ice crystal cooling technology to give the surface of the boxer briefs a unique technological feel. The core of this innovative technology is the formation of a cooling layer with a microcrystalline structure on the surface of the ice fiber. These microcrystals exist in the nanometer range and form a uniform protective layer. This cooling layer of ice silk not only gives the bra a modern feel, but also plays a unique role in the wearing experience.

The particles in these microcrystalline structures are gradually released during wear, depending on the wearer’s body temperature. Through this process, the boxer briefs themselves will produce a cold feeling, effectively relieving the wearer’s discomfort in a stuffy environment. At the same time, the uniform release of the microcrystalline structure also ensures the continuity of this ice-like experience, allowing the wearer to enjoy a fresh and comfortable feeling all day long.

Antibacterial and Antifungal, Promoting Health

The crotch of the CozyBreezy Men’s Ice Silk Boxer Briefs is made from 100% mulberry silk and has passed Class 5A antimicrobial testing. 5A level antibacterial and antibacterial means that the product has reached a certain standard in terms of antibacterial performance. In particular, the 5A level of antibacterial and bacteriostatic means that the product has a high effect on inhibiting bacterial growth and killing bacteria, and has reached a certain antibacterial level.
The mulberry silk crotch used in ice silk boxer briefs is a natural antibacterial material. Mulberry silk itself contains ingredients such as silk protein, which has good antibacterial properties and can inhibit the growth of most bacteria. In addition, during the production process, ice silk boxer briefs use advanced production processes and technologies to perfectly combine antibacterial ingredients with fibers to form an antibacterial and antibacterial protective layer, thereby further enhancing their antibacterial properties.

Scientific research shows that the 5A-level antibacterial and antibacterial functions of ice silk boxers can effectively inhibit the growth of common bacteria, including but not limited to E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, etc. This not only helps keep your private parts clean and healthy, but also effectively prevents various unpleasant problems caused by bacterial infections, such as skin itching, odor, etc. In addition, this antibacterial and antimicrobial effect is long-lasting and stable. Even if washed repeatedly, the antibacterial effect will not disappear, providing men with continuous health protection.

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Ultra-Thin 0.01, Flexible and Smooth

Men’s ice silk boxer briefs are ultra-thin at 0.01cm, flexible and smooth. This is a masterpiece of scientific research and data verification. Its ultra-thin design not only provides unparalleled lightness and comfort in terms of thickness, but also accurately adapts to the curves of the body through scientific ergonomic principles to achieve the best fit when wearing. The ultra-thin design not only reduces the restraint of boxer briefs on the body, but can also be freely matched with different clothing, allowing you to feel the perfect combination of freedom and comfort when wearing it.

The ice silk fiber is fine and smooth, soft to the touch, and has excellent breathability and moisture absorption, helping to keep the private parts fresh and dry at all times. It is also worth mentioning that the smooth surface not only makes the hand feel softer and smoother, but also effectively reduces the accumulation of static electricity, keeping men away from static electricity and feeling very comfortable.

Quick-Drying Design for Maximum Comfort

These men’s ice silk boxers offer excellent moisture management. According to experimental data, the water absorption rate of this fabric can reach 1.5 ml per square centimeter, which is much faster than traditional fabrics, and can quickly absorb and absorb sweat and moisturekeeping you dry and comfortable all the time. No more worrying about unpleasant sweat buildup.
The soft, smooth material is extremely breathable and quick-drying, with short drying time – just 1 minute to dry completely with a hairdryer after soaking. This means that even on a hot summer day when you’re sweating in your ice silk boxers, you just need to take a break to let them dry quickly, and men can continue to enjoy the cool comfort. For example, the quick-drying properties of these boxer briefs are also great for men who need to save time on business trips.
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How to order CozyBreezy Men’s Ice Silk Boxer Briefs?

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These boxer briefs are very flexible and although made from ice silk, the product retains a high level of toughness and is very durable.

For added comfort, we recommend sizing up one size larger than usual.

Color won’t fade. These boxer briefs are printed with pure vegetable dyes. After more than 100 times of washing testing, it still has good color fastness. Order now!

Real Feedback

These boxer briefs definitely deserve five stars! I bought 2 pieces to take with me when I go on business trips. Amazingly, after washing and needing to get out the door right away, these panties dry in just a few minutes! My business is not delayed! They are also very comfortable to wear!


They are so comfortable that I bought a few pairs for my husband and his feedback was that they are the most comfortable boxer briefs he has ever worn.


It’s really refreshing. I’m a person who loves to sweat a lot, and these ice silk boxers keep me dry quickly even if I sweat, which I find very pleasant!