This ice silk cloud-feeling body shapewear defeats all diet and weight loss plans

The weather is getting hotter and the clothes are getting thinner.

My little tummy is just about to be uncovered. Summer is actually not so friendly for people who are slightly obese like me. Under the hot weather, due to heavier weight and slower metabolism, it is easier to sweat; under the thin short-sleeves, the bulging tummy and fat waist make my figure exposed, however, the sweaty feeling of losing weight through exercise is annoying, so there is not the slightest motivation to lose weight.

As we all know, for us girls, due to our physiological structure and other reasons, the meat on the stomach is the most difficult to lose, not to mention the group of people like me who are heavier! But to become slimmer and more beautiful in summer, I think the most effective way is: shapewear!

I’ve been a shapewear wearer for almost 5 years now and I can say that I’ve been exposed to all types of shapewear, at first I tried all kinds of corsets and girdles but they were all so terrible! The top was very stringy, very stuffy and very hard to wear! I couldn’t breathe straight away. Then in a medical journal, I carefully read a doctor science: “long-term wear row buckle corset or corset, will compress the heart and lungs, uterus, intestines and stomach, very dangerous!” I threw away those harmful girdles straight away without hesitation!

So in the summer, in the end, what kind of tummy tucks are truly shaping, safe and not stuffy?

In my experience of trying out products for so many years, these Ice Silk Cloud Feeling Tummy Tuck Panties that have been on for a long time have become the tummy-tuck shaping product I’d recommend the most!

It really broke my perception of tummy tuck pants!

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With a fat belly like mine, I put it on for a second to tighten my belly and directly make my waistline 2sizes smaller! And! It’s made with progressive micro-pressure technology that doesn’t affect the organs. Just like wearing high-waisted underwear, it is very comfortable, but the belly is like being “smoothed out”. The pants that were not zippable have been loosened to a fist-size size after putting on the belly pants.

The Real-Life Results are Really Amazing 👇

And it not only tightens the abdomen, but also lifts the buttocks! From the “waist and abdomen” shaping to “buttocks and legs”, flat and sagging buttocks are lifted up! The upper body instantly “dynamic body”, the body immediately perfect up!

But just wearing it is not enough for me to recommend it. The comfort of wearing it is also excellent! The pair of tummy tuck pants has super high elasticity, which lifts the buttocks and tucks the tummy through progressive micro-compression to achieve a shaping effect. Whether it’s a little tummy or thighs, there is no strangulation at all on the top.

The fabric is made of ultra-light ice silk fabric, which is as thin as cicada wings, ice cold and very breathable. Wear it body temperature directly down 5 ℃, summer wear is not stuffy at all! It can be worn as a pair of underpants, directly as underwear. The crotch is specially made with antibacterial cotton, which is naturally anti-bacterial. Summer sweat, private parts will not itch and odor, more healthy.

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All in all, this ” Ice Silk Cloud Feeling Tummy Tuck Panties ” = Underwear+ Safety Pants + Tummy Tuck Pants + Butt Lift Pants.

Wear this pair in summer to lift your buttocks and tighten your tummy, and you will have a hot body without losing weight!

Highly Recommended Reasons for Ice Silk Tummy Tuck Panties:

Progressive micro-compression shaping, excellent effect of lifting the buttocks and tightening the abdomen

These tummy tuck panties abandon the traditional hard shaping and adopt the slimming principle of “progressive micro-pressure tummy tightening“. The ergonomic design precisely fits women’s waist, stomach and hip curves. Made 3D three-dimensional non-marking cutting.

Add 4 memory cartilages at the waist for double pressure to lock the waist fat. This pressure design, 360° effectively tightens loose abdominal fat. It can naturally shape the charming waist and belly curve without strangulation. Realize 0 binding 0 compression, healthy and comfortable body shaping! A wear a lift, do not rely on tightening, but also “suck” away the belly!

At the same time to shape the waist and abdomen curve, it is also upgraded in the leg side. In the leg side made a 5cm widening. The contact surface is larger, solving the problem of crotch jamming of ordinary shapewear on the market. The hand-supported butt lift + hip wrap design naturally wraps up the flesh that hangs downward from the buttocks upwards.

My butt is not full enough to hold up in yoga pants or leggings. Now that I’m wearing these tummy tucks, my butt is really beautiful! It looks good in everything I wear!

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Silky, lightweight, truly nude feeling 0 burden, full of comfort!

The reason why it is called “Ice Silk Cloud Feeling Tummy Tuck Panties ” is because it really has 0 burden on the body! It is made of ultra-thin ice silk fabric. Ice silk itself has strong sweat absorption, plus high elastic fiber, excellent breathability. The texture is silky smooth and lightweight, gently cooling on the wearer.

The cloud-like texture is very soft and delicate to the touch, as comfortable as a feather brushing against your skin. Super light and cool to wear in summer, not stuffy and strangling like traditional shapewear.

Of course, as a pair of underwear worn close to the body, the most important function has to be anti-bacterial! These tuck panties are made of antibacterial cotton crotch. It can inhibit 3 major bacteria, keep away from all kinds of stuffy, itchy odor, and take care of the health of private parts. The overall use of plant pigment printing and dyeing, color-fixing also do a good job. Even if they are black, the color will not fade after a day of soaking.

This Ice Silk Cloud Feeling Tummy Tuck Panty is superb value for money! Women who love beauty should not miss it.

Here comes the point! Right now this brand is looking for new product experience officers, and I fought with the brand for a limited time benefit to give a 50% discount directly! Limited to 200 pieces! While stocks last! 

No matter what age, as long as you have a small belly and want to become beautiful, you can choose it.

Wear it yourself, give it to your mom or girlfriends, it’s all perfect!

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Designed with comfort and safety in mind, this ice panty provides moderate compression for shaping without interfering with breathing or blood circulation, making it suitable for all occasions and times.

This shapewear is made of ice silk, a high-strength fiber with excellent softness and elasticity, combined with an advanced sewing process that allows the panty to better conform to the body’s curves, providing comfortable compression while ensuring that it will not tear easily.

Yes, ice silk panty can be worn for a long time. Its breathability and softness make it comfortable to wear all day long.

Don’t worry. This high quality ice silk panty is finely crafted with excellent elasticity and recovery and is not easily deformed.

Ice silk panty is suitable for any intensity of exercise and daily activities. Its excellent elasticity and supportive properties can provide good performance in yoga, Pilates, running workouts and other sports.


I was looking for the right shapewear after giving birth until I met this panty. It’s a really flattering design that’s not tight and helps with tummy recovery. I feel so much more confident in everything I wear now.


As an exercise lover, I especially love the stretch and breathability of this panty. Wearing it to yoga and running is not constricting at all, and it helps me stay in shape. Highly recommended!


The first time I wore ice silk shapewear fell in love, the material is very soft, close to wear will not be uncomfortable. And it’s so breathable that you won’t feel stuffy even in summer, it’s just the perfect panty.


The Ice Silk Panty is really great! I usually need to travel and often wear it on airplanes and I don’t feel uncomfortable throughout the day. It’s supportive and makes my waist and back feel good.


Every time I wear the Ice Shapewear, I feel thinner. Its material is so soft that I don’t feel stuff even after wearing it all day. And it hasn’t gotten out of shape after many washes and have already ordered this again for my friends.

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