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The Ice Silk Bra is unparalleled in comfort and lightness. Once I wear it, I never want to wear it again! The ice silk material feels refreshing and provides maximum comfort throughout the day.


This ice silk bra is the perfect combination of comfort, lightness and breathability. The antibacterial properties are a big plus. A must-have for anyone looking for comfortable clothing!


The ice silk bra is simply amazing! The material’s cool feel and high breathability make it an ideal choice. Antibacterial action provides additional safety. highly recommended!

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Bra: Invisible Bond

To solve this problem, we hired famous lingerie designer Dr. Helene Vogelhardt, who was invited by Vogue magazine. She showed us the result of in-depth research on women’s body structure and wearing needs – the Release Ice Silk Bra.

That way you have one less thing to worry about

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How does the Release Ice Silk Bra embody the true liberation of women?

Four exclusive features! Give you the best reason to buy!

Microcrystalline nano ice silk: new technology for comfortable fit and breathability.

Advanced ice crystal coating: enjoy the ultimate coolness and comfort.

3D pressure technology: accurate decoding, bringing a new wearing experience.

Supreme Nano Antibacterial: The new standard in bra cleaning and hygiene.

In the ice silk bra we released, we introduced an innovative technology – ice crystal nanotechnology. This is based on advanced ice silk technology. Ice silk: the pinnacle of technical fibers. By cleverly incorporating bra design, we offer a unique wearing experience.

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After careful calculation, after wearing the ice silk bra, the shoulder pressure is reduced from 15kPa of traditional bras to 10kPa, the breast support is increased from 20kPa to 25kPa, and the back pressure is reduced from 20kPa to 15kPa. These precise numbers clearly demonstrate how well the Ice Silk Bra performs in every aspect, providing women with a seamless bra option that is highly comfortable and perfectly fits the contours of the body.

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