Women Winter Graphene Pants, High Waisted Tummy Control Plus Thick Velvet Leggings

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You can modify your figure without losing weight, improve your body shape,

be fashionable and warm at the same time, and enhance your overall temperament.

Yes, it’s this “Black Gold Graphene Shark Leggings”

with a hefty 350g heavyweight wool velvet.

soft as a cloud

3D Tailoring – Slim Fit

Highly elastic and streamlined fabrics can have a certain shaping effect on leg muscles and lines.

360-degree imitation hand-lifting technique

lifting the hip line by 45%

“Black Gold” Graphene – Warm Uterus Knee Support

Graphene fabric also has low-temperature far-infrared functionality

which can accelerate the skin’s surface temperature

Dilate capillaries, improve microcirculation,

enhance tissue metabolism, promote meridian flow

The picture above is the correct way to wear it, and the picture below is the inner display.

Available in sizes M-2XL, a fashionable and versatile warming tool for individuals weighing 85-180lbs


Size Recommendation

M——85-110 lbs

L——110-132 lbs

XL——132-154 lbs

2XL——154-180 lbs



  1. Please allow 1-3cm differences due to manual measurement.
  2. Because of the different displays and lights, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item.
  3. WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: Machine washable

Thank you for your understanding.

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