New and Upgraded Men’s Shaping Garments, Shaping Body in One Second

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Recommended size

M——130~155 lbs

L——155~232 lbs

XL——232~287 lbs

2XL——287~363 lbs


Decreased sexual function, difficulty in buying clothes, feeling hot only in summer, weakness in walking, lack of self-confidence, difficulty in finding a girlfriend, hard work, poor health…

Can you still endure this situation? Can you still accept it?

It’s time to wear this weight loss and body shaping garment to help you transform and regain your masculine charm now.

You no longer have to worry about fatigue and time consumption caused by exercise.

For men’s shapewear, the use of far-infrared technology provides additional health protection.

Far-infrared rays can penetrate deep into skin tissue, promote blood circulation, promote metabolism, and accelerate fat burning, thereby achieving the effect of weight loss and body shaping.

??png????-02-02Breast augmentation, compression and fat reduction all in one.

??png????-02-02Continue to burn excess fat and strengthen chest muscles.

??png????-02-02Reduce post-exercise fatigue and muscle soreness

??png????-02-02Effectively reduces breast enlargement size.

Adopts a specially designed waist structure that closely fits the waist curve, tightens the abdomen three-dimensionally, effectively compresses waist and abdominal fat.

More details

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  1. Please allow 1-3cm differs due to manual measurement.
  2. Because of the different display and different light, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item.
  3. Notice! This shapewear is made from high stretch material (for greater body shaping effect) and comes in smaller sizes. When choosing a size, it is recommended to choose 1-2 sizes larger than your usual clothing size. (For example, if you usually wear size L, it is recommended to choose size XL for this shapewear).
  4. Washing Instructions: Do not machine wash

Thank you for your understanding.

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