This “mask-like” smooth and refreshing men’s underwear is leading the new trend of ice silk underwear in Europe and United States!

As the weather gets hotter, the skin begins to crave coolness and comfort, and the intimate area is no exception. It detests heat and humidity, preferring a breathable and dry environment. To help the body create such an environment, the choice of underwear, the daily intimate clothing, becomes particularly important, with breathability and comfort being among the criteria for judging a good pair of underwear.

Manufacturers typically use ice silk as the main material for underwear to enhance its comfort. However, the ice silk fabrics on the market varies greatly, significantly affecting the breathability of the underwear. Ice silk fabrics are generally divided into 3 categories. Class I ice silk, with the lowest cost, has large breathable holes, lacks elasticity, and feels very tight when worn, already being on the verge of being phased out. Class II ice silk, as the main fabric in the market, has improved breathability compared to Class I, but its shortcomings are also quite evident: weak moisture absorption and sweat wicking performance, making it feel sticky and lacking in comfort with prolonged wear.

Class III ice silk, produced independently by CozyBreezy, is a new type of fabric with significant improvements in comfort and breathability. This type of ice silk, known as “mask-like” ice silk, makes underwear feel smooth and soft. Due to its ultra-thin, super resilient, lightweight, quick-drying, cooling, and antibacterial properties, it has been increasingly favored by more and more consumers.

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CozyBreezy men’s “mask-like” ice silk antibacterial underwear, with its lightweight and soft material and outstanding breathability, allows us to easily cope with the hot weather, with heat and humidity no longer being our concerns, and the refreshing feeling making us feel unrestricted.

Why choose CozyBreezy Men’s “Mask-like” Ice Silk Antibacterial Underwear?

100% super soft ice silk, feels like bathing in cool spring water when worn.

One-minute quick-drying fiber, essential for summer, travel, and outdoor activities!

Excellent temperature regulation function, long-lasting coolness with sustained ice sensation.

Natural silk antibacterial crotch, 5A antibacterial rating, odor-resistant and anti-static.

Ultra-thin 0.01mm, visibly soft, addictive comfort.

Seamless + heat-pressed seamless technology, integrated molding, flexible and not easily broken.

0 sensation, 0 friction, fits like a second layer of skin.

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Light & Airy -Breathe Freely

In the design of ice silk underwear, we have incorporated the Ice Cool technology into the fabric, creating a unique sense of technology on the surface of the underwear. The core of this innovative technology is the formation of a cooling layer with microcrystalline structure on the surface of the ice silk fibers, which not only adds a modern look but also plays a unique role in the wearing experience. These microcrystalline structures gradually come into effect according to the wearer’s body temperature during wear. 

On hot summer, as the wearer’s body temperature rises and sweat secretion increases, the ice silk “mask-like” underwear will quickly dissipate heat and sweat like the body’s pores. During this process, the underwear rapidly dissipates heat while generating a cooling sensation, effectively relieving the wearer’s discomfort in a stuffy environment. At the same time, the evenly distributed microcrystalline structure ensures the continuity and universality of this cooling sensation, allowing the wearer to enjoy a fresh and comfortable wearing experience all day long.

Antibacterial Protection, Safeguarding Health

CozyBreezy Ice Silk “mask-like” Underwear features a crotch made of 100% mulberry silk and has passed 5A-grade antibacterial testing. The mulberry silk used in the crotch of the underwear is a natural antibacterial material. Mulberry silk contains components such as sericin, which have excellent antibacterial properties and can inhibit the growth of most bacteria. During the production process, advanced manufacturing techniques and technologies are also employed to perfectly integrate antibacterial components with fibers, forming a protective layer against bacteria, thus further enhancing its antibacterial performance.

Samples tested by CozyBreezy demonstrate that this ice silk underwear provides effective 5A-grade antibacterial protection, effectively inhibiting common bacteria including but not limited to Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus. This not only helps maintain cleanliness and health in intimate areas but also effectively prevents various discomforts caused by bacterial infections, such as skin itching and odor. Moreover, this antibacterial effect is long-lasting and stable; even after multiple washes, its antibacterial performance does not diminish, providing continuous health protection for men.

Ultra-thin at 0.01cm, Soft & Flexible & Smooth

The thickness of men’s ice silk underwear reaches an unprecedented ultra-thin 0.01cm, remaining soft, flexible, and smooth even under considerable tension, a masterpiece that integrates scientific research and data verification. Its ultra-thin design not only creates unparalleled lightness and comfort in thickness but also, through the principles of scientific ergonomics, precisely conforms to the body’s curves, maximizing the sensation of fit when worn. Just like a mask perfectly adheres to the face, the underwear also wraps around the body gently and accurately in all directions.

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The ultra-thin design not only reduces the sense of constraint but also seamlessly complements various outfits, allowing you to experience the perfect fusion of freedom and comfort. Furthermore, its smooth surface not only provides a softer and smoother wearing experience but also effectively reduces static electricity generation, keeping men away from static disturbances and truly experiencing comfort and ease.

Quick-Dry Design, Maximum Comfort

CozyBreezy men’s ice silk underwear boasts a powerful moisture-wicking function. According to experimental data, the fabric can absorb water at a rate of 1.5 milliliters per square centimeter, far exceeding that of traditional fabrics. It can rapidly absorb and expel sweat and moisture, keeping you dry and comfortable at all times. No more worries about discomfort caused by sweat accumulation.

With a short drying time, it takes only 1 minute with a hairdryer after washing to completely dry. This means that even in the hot summer, after sweating while wearing ice silk underwear, a brief rest will quickly restore dryness, allowing men to continuously enjoy cool comfort. In situations such as business trips where time-saving is essential, the quick-drying nature of this underwear will provide great convenience for men.

How to order CozyBreezy Men’s Ultra-thin Ice Silk Boxer Briefs?

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Don’t worry, these men’s underwear are made from quick-drying ice silk fabric. After wringing out the water, blow dry with a hair dryer, it only takes a minute!

These underwear are extremely durable, and although they are made from ice silk, the product retains a high level of toughness, making it very durable.

For greater comfort, we recommend that you choose one size larger in this underwear.

Color won’t fade. These boxer briefs are printed with pure vegetable dyes. After more than 100 times of washing testing, it still has good color fastness. Order now!

Real Feedback

Really good. I bought 6 for my husband. After he put them on he thanked me and said they were the most perfect underwear he had ever worn.

David P.

I am a person who loves to sweat very much. I always feel hot and itchy due to sweating, but these underwear bring me coolness, and I finally don’t feel bothered anymore! !


These underwear definitely deserve 5 stars, I take them with me on business trips and when it comes time to change them, they dry really fast which saves me a lot of time. The most important thing is that it is really comfortable to wear and not stuffy or restrictive at all.

Robert Sorensen