Are you still suffering from sweating while wearing a bra in the summer heat? Are you still worried about the comfort of your bra?
Are you still anxious to choose the right size?Are you still anxious about the durability of your bra?

The new Cozybreezy bras are the perfect solution to these problems. Designed for women’s summer, it is highly elastic and comfortable, light and seamless.

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With the summer season in mind, Cozybreezy has taken advantage of its unique technology to create a new ice silk bra. We have reduced the weight of the bra to a minimum so that you can still have a good experience in the summer heat. At just 80 grams, it’s light as a feather, so you get the perfect shape and comfort at the same time!

As an outdoor worker, I’m basically outside all day and the bra I used to buy always made me feel uncomfortable and I always felt stuffy and heavy in my breasts when the weather was hot. But when I bought this ice silk bra, everything changed! It’s incredibly light and it definitely makes my outdoor work much easier, so I highly recommend it!

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OMG!! it’s so light it’s like you’re not wearing a bra! I’m starting to love their products. You can totally buy it and try it out at home, I guarantee it will be a perfect shopping experience for you.

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Cozybreezy ice silk bra with a piece of design, different from other patchwork bra, patchwork bra will be tedious in some important parts of the two pieces of heavy fabric connected, making the breathability greatly reduced, external wear clothes will also become very ugly because of those uneven interface. And Cozybreezy a piece of design cleverly avoid these problems, fresh and breathable at the same time can let you wear clothes without leaving traces, to avoid embarrassment and enhance the sense of view.

With a 12cm boneless side ratio position, it is able to cinch in your side breasts, wrap the excess fat inside and prevent flare.

Taking into account the shape of all women, the ice silk bra is made with high elasticity thin straps and is freely adjustable. So as to better fit your body shape, not easy to fall off, non-slip not to strangle the shoulder.

Cup shape using ergonomic design, W-shaped upward gathering, the perfect shape of your chest, thin at the same time can also show your personal charm!

Putting in the effort for comfort
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Full mesh coverage, cool and breathable in the hot summer, allowing the skin to breathe freely and dissipate heat and coolness

Highly elastic muslin silk fabric. With excellent breathability and coolness. Thanks to its application of high-tech fiber materials and microporous technology, it can also have anti-static and anti-bacterial functions, providing women with a more complete and healthy wearing experience.

Fine material, visible to the naked eye. Comfortable thin straps, stable support without slipping shoulders.

Lightweight steel-free ring design, the most understanding of women’s hearts. 50% lighter than ordinary bras, so you can relax in the summer without burden.

No back buckle, take off no strangulation, U-shaped design, decompression beauty back, with high breathable properties, moisture absorption and perspiration is not sticky.

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Please be reassured. The bra is only 1 mm thick. A bra made of excellent breathable material lets through 10,000 grams of water vapor per square inch!

Very good. The main component of the bra is made of high quality ice silk fabric with a fine elasticity, which allows it to dry quickly in 5 minutes. It has a strong antiperspirant function and is an indispensable tool for this hot summer.

Very easy care, hand and machine washable, soap wash, water temperature below 40°C, air dry in a ventilated place.

Of course not, vegetable pigments have high color fastness as a natural pigment.

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