CozyKnees™ Radiofrequency Wormwood Heated Knee Socks

Knee socks that repair joints and improve blood circulation

What kind of magic weapon is it?

Long-term physical labor, excessive exercise, and living in a humid and cold environment all wear down the cartilage tissue of our knee joints bit by bit.According to surveys, about 70% of arthritis patients in the United States, more than half are people over 60 years old, and the incidence rate is as high as 80%-90% among people over 70 years old. Nowadays, there is a trend of getting younger!

Especially on snowy and rainy days, when the joints that are already “accumulated cold into disease” are stimulated by dampness and cold, inflammation breaks out, which is really painful.

Do you or your family members suffer from knee problems? —Rheumatism in the legs, cold joints, stiff and weak knees, aches and pains, varicose veins, lymphedema, etc…

Perhaps you have tried a number of hospital treatments and various compression stockings, but it is still a waste of money and time. Fortunately, today you will get a perfect solution——CozyKnees™ RF Wormwood Heat Storage Knee Socks!

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First, let’s take a look at what customers have said about CozyKnees™

“The ultimate shopping experience – I’m not kidding! For over a decade I have invested a lot of time and money trying to fix my knee problems, but it consistently caused me unhappiness and extreme discomfort. Sometimes my knees would go numb and painful, leaving me sleepless all night. I tried hospital treatments and various compression stockings, but none of them completely solved the problem. It wasn’t until I started using these CozyKnees™ RF Wormwood Knee Socks that the twisted veins and numbness in my legs gradually reduced. I wear them every day. I highly recommend it to everyone! ! –Cathy Mitchell

Honestly, I’m 33 years old and I was skeptical about how well it would work. But I thought to myself, why not give it a chance! Luckily, I bought it and solved my problem.The CozyKnees™ RF Wormwood Knee Socks really relieved the swelling in my feet, and the first night I slept better and woke up relaxed! The same energy lasted me all day. I was pleasantly surprised that, as you can see, it worked for me and increased circulation throughout my body. –Keith Forsythe

Why are CozyKnees™ RF Wormwood Heat Storage Knee Socks so amazing?

CozyKnees™ generates heat without the need for an external power source such as electricity. These knee socks combine Radiofrequency Therapy, Tourmaline Dot Matric Compression Therapy and Wormwood Therapy to provide heat therapy and restorative stimulation. They are effective in stimulating blood and lymph circulation, treating venous disease, reducing lymphatic swelling, and aiding in knee and leg recovery.

Radiofrequency Therapy (RF)

RF therapy is a treatment technique commonly used to treat a variety of diseases and pain conditions that uses electromagnetic energy in the form of RF to autonomously generate heat. Our design team applies the working principle of RF therapy to CozyKnees™, so that after being worn, the knee brace will transmit RF energy to the internal tissues of the knee and leg, thereby producing a thermal effect. This heat heats up the joints in the legs, which can help narrow or close abnormally enlarged blood vessels, such as varicose veins and lymphatic swelling.

RF energy can also accelerate the metabolism of blood and cell tissue. The latest research also shows that RF therapy can promote blood circulation and the secretion of enzymes and hormones in the body, and can effectively relieve chronic pain symptoms such as knee joints.

Tourmaline Dot Matrix Compression Therapy

Tourmaline compression therapy is a method that uses external pressure to promote the flow of blood and lymph fluid, increasing the pressure within the blood vessels in the compressed area and promoting the return of blood to the heart.

The CozyBreezy design team designed the tourmaline dot matrix at the knee joint and calf position of the knee brace. When users wear CozyKnees™ knee braces, they can effectively alleviate leg varicose veins, venous thrombosis, swelling and other circulatory system problems. Mild to moderate pressure provided through tourmaline matrix also helps stabilize joints, speed healing and relieve bone and joint pain.

Wormwood Penetration Therapy

As the saying goes, the meridians condense when exposed to cold and unblocked when exposed to heat. Since ancient times, wormwood has been used by major doctors to treat diseases such as rheumatism and arthritis. Therefore, we add high-quality wormwood particles to CozyKnees™ knee brace, allowing users to wear them to simulate the effect of “moxibustion”.

With the power of the medicine dissipated, every minute, it seems that the knees are being professionally treated. Moxibustion treatment which can effectively solve knee joint pain; relax tense and spastic muscles; strengthen muscle tissue and treat problems such as varicose veins.

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Besides these, what other features does CozyKnees™ have?

Breathable fabric that wicks away moisture to keep you dry

Considering that it not only appears in daily situations, but also in various sports and exercise situations, on the basis of keeping warm, the breathability and sweat absorption of knee brace have also become details that cannot be ignored. CozyKnees™ uses the most representative breathable fabric – nylon cotton as its production material. It is delicate and compliant, soft and breathable, does not get stuffy, does not pill, and does not slip.

Botanical printing and dyeing is 100% healthy, green and not harmful to the ecology

More and more people are becoming aware of environmental issues, and our design team is no exception. CozyKnees™ is not only made of high quality eco-friendly materials, but most importantly, it is dyed with natural plant pigments, which is 0 harmful and 0 irritating to the human body, and even improves cellular vitality and solves the problem of itchy or swollen skin. And when it has been utilized and discarded, it can be naturally decomposed and returned to nature, so you do not have to worry about the environmental protection hazards of these materials.

What makes CozyKnees™ RF Wormwood Heat Storage Knee Socks the best choice for you?

Treatment methods verified by authoritative organizations.

Effectively solves varicose veins and spider veins.

Stabilizes knees and relieves bone and joint pain.

Corrects knee joints, inner and outer knee creases and gait position improvement.

Relieves arthritis, lymphedema.

Accelerates blood circulation and metabolic support.

Relieve leg pressure, reduce fatigue and chronic inflammation.

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It works great! CozyKnees™ knee pads work with wormwood therapy, RF therapy and Tourmaline dot matrix compression therapy to repair the knees and legs and increase blood circulation throughout the body, effectively relieving leg problems such as joint pain and varicose veins.

Please rest assured that the high grade nylon cotton material is used as the main fabric. Silky texture, breathable and skin-friendly. It can always keep your skin dry, comfortable and breathable.

It is very easy to clean, either hand wash or machine wash, soap wash, water temperature below 40℃ and dry in a ventilated place. It dries in about 20 minutes.

Of course it won’t, because vegetable pigment as a natural pigment, has a high degree of color fixation.

After confirming your order, we will arrange delivery within 1-2 working days. We have high standards of quality control to ensure our customers get the best experience. This is the latest generation and orders placed today are usually delivered within 10 days. We recommend you place your order immediately!

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