With summer just around the corner, it’s not uncommon to sweat at the slightest movement. Sweat can be removed from your body by tugging on your clothes, the dampness and discomfort accompanied by a lingering odor around the groin area are particularly unbearable.

It’s especially painful for women, whose physiology results in already high body temperatures, especially in their intimate areas, sweating like a sauna!

With comfort, coolness, breathability, anti-bacterial properties and fashionable style in mind, the CozyBreezy design team created this mesh briefs specifically for women.

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Why is it Worth Buying?

Cool and breathable mesh fabric, lightweight and refreshing, wicking away moisture and sweat.

Adopting advanced antibacterial technology, effectively inhibit odor and keep clean and hygienic.

Cotton crotch is breathable, keeping you feeling fresh and clean all the time.

One-piece seamless cut, 0 constriction provides a feeling of freedom and comfort.

High-waisted design hip-lifting and tummy-tightening, effectively creating a perfect silhouette.

Plant-based fibers are used as dyes, harmless to the skin.

Comfortable fit, suitable for all occasions, keep you in the best condition all the time.

Exquisite craftsmanship, durable and wash-resistant, ensuring it stays new even with long-term use.

Ice-cool Antibacterial Mesh – Breathable and Healthy

The CozyBreezy design team conducted an in-depth study of women’s body structure and skin needs, and decided to utilize the mesh material in the panty design. After precise measurements of the curves and proportions of key areas such as the hips, waist and thighs, the mesh was designed to fit the area on either side of the crotch. The crotch is the part where moisture and bacteria are most likely to accumulate. This design not only effectively accelerates air circulation and enhances breathability, but also makes it easier for the private parts to breathe and reduces the feeling of dampness, which helps to prevent eczema, itching and other skin problems.

Unlike traditional mesh, the new generation mesh material has undergone special treatment. Containing Ice-cool technology and antibacterial fibers brings a new experience to underwear wearers. Ice-cool technology utilizes the material’s inherent breathability and moisture-wicking functions to quickly dissipate body heat, allowing wearers to feel lightweight and cool comfort. The antibacterial fiber component effectively inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi, and odors, maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of the underwear for a long time, and helping to prevent infections and discomfort in the intimate area.

Waist-sculpting and Butt-lifting Design for Perfect Curves

To meet the modern woman’s pursuit of comfort and confidence, we have adopted a high-waisted design for waist-sculpting and butt-lifting, achieving the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics in underwear. Through intricate high-waist design, the mesh underwear snugly wraps around the waist, ensuring a close fit to the waistline curves, effectively tucking away excess waist fat and shaping a more graceful waistline, instantly presenting a slimming effect. Additionally, with the use of highly elastic materials, it effectively lifts the buttocks, making them appear fuller and more uplifted, creating sexy and appealing curves.

Apart from its aesthetic appeal, this design also offers practicality by providing effective support for the waist and abdomen, improving posture and making the wearer’s stance more upright and confident. The application of this design philosophy makes mesh underwear the perfect choice for women seeking comfort, confidence, and beauty.

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One-piece Seamless Cut – 0 sensation & 0 constriction

The CozyBreezy team is committed to providing the ultimate in comfort for the wearer with the One-piece cut technology. This technology is not only extremely delicate in its cut, but also focuses on the design principles of non-marking and 0 constriction. Each pair of briefs is finely tailored while ensuring comfort. Special attention is paid to the treatment of the edges of the briefs to ensure that the edge lines are smooth, detailed and virtually invisible. Seamless sewing technology is also used, a process that not only makes the briefs more aesthetically pleasing, but also enhances the comfort of wearing.

The seamless design is not only visually very aesthetically pleasing, but more importantly, it eliminates the strangulation and discomfort that may be associated with traditional panties. The wearer can feel no friction or constriction between the briefs and the skin, as if in a soft and unrestricted environment. This 0 restriction wearing experience is not only comfortable, but also enhances self-confidence and comfort.

Soft and Skin-friendly Cotton Crotch for a Refreshing and Confident Experience

We collaborate with premium suppliers to ensure the selection of high-quality cotton fabrics that meet our standards for crafting the crotch area. This natural material offers unique advantages: it’s soft, skin-friendly, gentle, and delicate, effectively reducing friction and irritation on the skin, providing all-day comfort. The skin-friendly nature of the cotton crotch not only offers a comfortable touch to the wearer but also protects the skin of intimate areas, preventing discomfort caused by material issues. Additionally, we employ advanced antibacterial treatment technology in the crotch area. The cotton fabric contains highly effective antibacterial components, which can efficiently inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi, and odors, maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of the underwear for a long time.

This antibacterial technology not only reduces the proliferation of bacteria in intimate areas but also helps prevent skin problems such as eczema and itching, providing wearers with a healthy and safe wearing environment. You can enjoy a fresh and clean wearing experience, where health and comfort seamlessly blend, showcasing confidence and charm.

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How to Order CozyBreezy Mesh Briefs?

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Of course not. It won’t. Our high-waisted designs are crafted with a comfortable fit that enhances the waistline without causing discomfort or constriction, allowing you to move freely and comfortably.

Yes, mesh briefs are suitable for long-term wear. Its breathability and comfort allow you to feel fresh and comfortable all day without worrying about discomfort caused by long-term wear.

No. Our briefs are designed with a one-piece cut that fits snugly against the skin without curling, keeping flat and comfortable to wear.

No, the materials we choose have been tested for safety, contain no harmful substances, and are skin-friendly for most people.

We are very strict about the quality of our products and all of briefs undergo strict quality tests. If you encounter any quality problems during use, please contact our customer service team in time, we will solve the problem for you as soon as possible.


Recommended to all my sisters! These panties are a summer savior! The mesh material is super cool and I feel refreshed all over when I wear them! The high-waisted design gives me a slimmer waistline and there’s no strangulation at all! It’s worth mentioning that it stays in place after washing, the quality is superb!


A summer must-have! These panties were literally made for summer! It’s super comfortable and I feel relaxed all day in it, with no constriction at all. And the mesh material is really amazing, cool and breathable, keeping me fresh in the heat. Definitely worth owning.


Super favorite! These panties are simply a must-have summer item! Cool and breathable, they don’t feel stuffy at all and are so light and comfortable to wear. The high waist design is very flattering and the waist shaping and butt lifting effect is amazing, it’s really a great panty for the price! Already bought several pairs as spares

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