The summer heat is upon us and it is not uncommon to start sweating at the slightest activity. The sweat can be discharged by pulling on your clothes, but the hot, wet and itchy odor of your crotch can be unbearable. For men, this situation is especially painful, because men’s physiological structure determines that their body temperature is already very high, especially in the intimate parts of the sweat glands are very developed, sweating is like a sauna!

The CozyBreezy design team noticed this situation early on and started working on it at the beginning of 2023, and after six months of exploring it, a new CozyBreezy summer piece was launched! And here it is: the Ice Silk Antimicrobial Brief with added seaweed fibers!

Antibacterial seaweed fiber , 3A grade antibacterial crotch.
Breathable and antibacterial double experience!

In summer, sweat and high temperatures can lead to the growth of bacteria in the crotch area, which is not only uncomfortable, but can also lead to eczema and bacterial infections. With antibacterial action in mind, COOL™ therefore adds natural antibacterial algae fibers from deep sea algae that have been removed, dissolved and filtered in a refined process. Let it achieve AAA level antibacterial effect and have multiple functions such as fast moisture absorption and breathability, radiation insulation and resistance to harmful bacteria, effectively solve the peculiar odor in the crotch, keep the crotch dry at all times and protect the health of the crotch.

Luxurious mulberry silk and goat’s milk silk work perfectly together to make up this impeccable summer addition!

COOL™ is made from liquid goat’s milk, purified and extracted with eco-friendly, renewable and biodegradable technology, and spun into organic fibers rich in goat’s milk protein that dissipates heat and breathes three times faster than conventional underwear on the market.It’s cool and icy to the touch and as thin as a cicada and as silky soft as goat’s milk. As the “queen of fibers,” mulberry silk is far more absorbent, breathable and grippy than cotton. COOL™ has incorporated this luxurious material into the most critical part of the underwear crotch, making it many times more comfortable and antibacterial.

High quality milk is selected and purified and pumped to ensure that each bunch of goat’s milk shreds meets CozyBreezy’s factory standards.

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The high-density textile technology with a yarn count of 100 Silky texture like silk.

The yarn count indicates how thick the yarn is. The higher the yarn count, the finer the yarn and the softer and more comfortable the resulting fabric will be. As a rule, underwear is made of 40-thread fabric, while better garments may be made of 60- or 80-thread fabric. The use of 100-thread fabric is rare and luxurious, and COOL™ uses this high-quality fabric type in its weaving technology to create a smooth and comfortable texture that feels like you’re wrapped in clouds and provides a comfortable wearing experience that glides over your skin.

CozyBreezy:Designed specifically for men’s comfort, it takes full account of men’s physiological structure and really solves real-life problems from the source!

After researching thousands of men’s pants on the market, the designers at CozyBreezy realized that most men’s pants suffer from strangulation and visible waist seams after wearing. To solve this problem, COOL™ utilizes an innovative seamless one-piece molding technology that is only 0.05mm thick and weighs less than 37g. 100% invisible and seamless innovative technology combines with ultra-stretchy goat’s milk silk and quick-drying and cooling mulberry silk for an ultra-comfortable and pleasurable summer underwear experience!

The crotch is designed with a U-shaped enlarged capsule to better accommodate private parts. Provides more space for private parts, so that it can always stay dry in the sultry summer days.

Breathability Test: The research team makes a solemn promise to ensure that every piece of men’s Boxer Briefs that goes out to buyers has excellent breathability.

What gives the team such confidence? The thousands of breathability experiments, of course. Whether each experimental data is up to standard, whether the experimental samples are randomized, whether the experimental capacity is accurately controlled, all these are strictly controlled by the experimental team personally, for the sake of consumers’ rights and interests, it’s all worthwhile.


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Not at all. COOL™ eliminates the traditional machine seam and uses an imported one-pieceForm technique and a highly elastic sheep’s milk silk fabric, so you won’t feel cramped at all.

Don’t worry, COOL™ uses selected fabric ratios to ensure silky texture and skin-friendliness. And we use complex textile technology with high cost to keep your body cool and comfortable at all times.

Very easy care, hand and machine washable, soap wash, water temperature below 40°C, air dry in a ventilated place.

Of course not, vegetable pigments have high color fastness as a natural pigment.

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