At Cozybreezy, we understand the needs of women. We not only offer the right products but also provide outfit and health tips to keep you informed about everything related to women.

What makes Cozybreezy special?

As pioneers and manufacturers of bras, we believe in true and natural beauty. Our designs prioritize comfort and allow your original charm to shine. We strive to create natural, unrestricted, high-quality, and affordable women’s lingerie that offers unparalleled comfort and health benefits to all women.

Brand Vision

Cozybreezy™ aims to be every woman’s warmest companion! Going beyond the ordinary and embracing a comprehensive perspective is at the heart of our mission. We believe you are unique and deserving of something that sets you apart – something that allows you to be yourself. Our carefully selected products are designed to make you shine. Everything is here to showcase your original radiance!

Product Idea

True lingerie, like Cozybreezy lingerie, is like your second skin. It comfortably and pleasantly adapts to your body, providing protection in every way. Every woman deserves a Cozybreezy product.

Our Story

Meet our founders, Julia and Diana. They always struggled to find beautiful bras in their size, which led them to establish their own lingerie brand, Cozybreezy. Together with their passionate team, they work every day to bring happiness to the world of women. Our goal is to make Cozybreezy the warmest companion for every woman! Personalized guidance is of utmost importance to us. Julia and Diana believe that you are unique and deserve something that sets you apart – something that makes you who you are. All our products are carefully selected to make you shine. It’s all about showcasing your own radiance!

How did Cozybreezy make everything better?

— Solving the sizing problem

Just like every woman is unique, we all have different body types, shapes, and sizes. Julia and Diana also found it challenging to find the right size. To solve this problem faced by most women, they founded their own lingerie brand, Cozybreezy, committed to providing every woman with well-fitting and flattering bras.

Find your perfect fit! – Discover Your Cozybreezy Size

In 2016, Julia and Diana founded their own brand and manufacturing facility. Using data from over 10,000 women’s sizes, they developed a Cozybreezy size chart that solves the sizing problem for approximately 90% of women. Of course, no brand can claim to have perfectly solved 100% of women’s sizing issues because every body is unique.

(Note: 80% of women wear the wrong bra size, either too small or too large. That’s why we examined over 10,000 breasts and developed our own size chart to provide you with the most comfortable and beautiful lingerie from Cozybreezy, without confusing sizes.)

Our Factory

You may not know much about us, but don’t worry, we are here as companions for women. We established our own brand and factory in 2016 and most of our products are handmade, which we call “Cozybreezy.” Here you can see the process and steps we take to produce our bras. Our professional factory is capable of directly offering the most stylish, comfortable, well-fitting, high-quality, and affordable strapless bras, front-closure bras, backless bras, plus-size bras, minimizer bras, wire-free bras, multiway bras, adhesive bras, sports bras, nursing bras, lingerie, corsets, leggings, camisoles, panties, tights, slippers & socks, bra accessories, and much more to consumers.

When it comes to handmade bras, you might think they are very expensive. But at Cozybreezy, it’s all about raising awareness of your own body, so you can enjoy the services of a high-quality brand at an affordable price, which is essential. Julia and Diana have said that women should love themselves and be themselves, so Cozybreezy exists to showcase your unfiltered glamour.

A New Concept

In addition to our customized products, we also strive to promote more knowledge about women. Women should love themselves and be themselves. That’s why we update our blog every week with information about women’s health and outfit tips to help more women.


For our entire team of professionals, Cozybreezy™ is a true labor of love, and nothing makes us happier than seeing you happy. We know that more and more women follow trends, which is why we are always searching for better materials and more innovative designs. We are committed to providing women around the world with the latest trends and the best value for lingerie. Many of our over 150,000 customers even swear that we have changed their lives. And now, you will learn how it all began…

Cozybreezy™ makes everything So simple. So free! From 2016 and beyond, Cozybreezy™ will continue to provide you with the most comfortable fit and the best service. Your needs are always our top priority. Everything is here to highlight you and showcase your original charm!

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